Hearing Aids To The Beatles:
A Musician's Perspective


What people have been saying about "Hearing Aids To The Beatles" ...

"An obvious labor of love from two dedicated, knowledgeable, enthusiastic authors, this book is a wonderful companion for analytical listeners of The Fabs. Written in an engaging style that encourages further debate and discussion ... a welcome addition to my Beatles bookshelf."

(Dave Bryant)

"your book ... is a really good read. Lots of details and things I didn't know"

(Chuck Gunderson, author of "Some Fun Tonight", the new 2 volume definitive photo essay on The Beatles USA tour)

" ... there are little snippets which may make you want to listen to some songs again ... [things which] I didn't pick up on previously. Listen very closely though ... One for the die-hard Beatles fans I think."

(Ernie Sutton, British Beatles Fan Club)

"The authors have created a true, forensic-level interrogation of how the Beatles recordings were made ... What really comes through in reading this book is that this was obviously a labor of love for both authors, who treat the material, now part of the indelible canon of modern popular music, with the respect it deserves. "

(Keith Kaufman)

"... there are some interesting and sensible tidbits in here that I hadn't seen on other Beatle sites"

(Jeffrey Allen)

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